For the most part we all have a car, if we dont we know someone who has or does! These things do so much! They go hundreds and hundreds of miles in the cold, the heat, rain, snow, and ice. We drive them fast we drive them slow, we drive them in less than perfect shape. We put lots of miles on them. We expect alot from them. In return we give them gas, we change the oil, we get the tires rotated, we give them a bath, we do all of this to keep them running so we are able to go to work and make money, so that we are able to go and do fun things, so we can take our kids places…we do alot yo keep them going. Let me ask you something???? How important is your body, your health? How important is that you are taking care of that and giving it what it needs to take you where you want to go? Are you giving it what it needs to perform at the level you are pushing it to? We are ALL pushing our bodies these days…demanding so much from them and giving them so little in return. You keep your care running so you can do things-why does our bodies not deserve the same…the car can and will eventually be replaced…until you reach Heaven your body will not! Our bodies are rubbing on the thick, stinky, gross, gritty oil that you would never intentionally let run through the motor of you car and its passing through your body all day everyday! You, I, We…we expect and push our bodies SOOOOOOO far…and they can and WILL “perform” at the level we need and expect but not with poor nutrition. I am not just talking about food…I am talking about what your body needs to heal itself and to work the way God intended….think on it and let me know why you arent or let me know when your ready to see what your body can do! Do you know why you keep your car running and try to prevent breakdowns…beacuse maintenance is cheaper…your body is not any different…it will cost you more when it breaks down you will pay for it one way or another…fuel your body! Let me help you, help yourself! Ask me how I started feeling better than I ever have in my life! 🙂 #performance #health #heal #selfcare #maintenance #doitwithme #tuesday #careforyourbody #nutrition #change #yesplease #fuel

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