Why are you afraid?

Over the past few days I have made the statement more than once that it seems like we went to bed and woke up in a world that we do not know how to navigate. It seems that each day that becomes more and more true. I don’t know about you but I have never lived through a pandemic before. So, Yeah things are a bit strange.

Feel Something Rising

Sing this…say this…declare this…and feel something rising within you. Something stronger than you have ever felt. “Fear must’ve thought I was faithless when it came for my heart” Oh- how the enemy likes to lie to us, challenge us, provoke fear and anxiety within us…but you are not faithless…fear was wrong the enemy is wrongContinue reading “Feel Something Rising”

Working on Fit Me: What I wish someone had told me a year ago!

What I wish someone would have told me sooner:👉Your health is an investment👉You will pay for your health one way or another👉Progress is progress take your time and dont compare yourself to others👉Eating less and working out more does not do your body any favors 👉The first thing you have to change is your mind❤Continue reading “Working on Fit Me: What I wish someone had told me a year ago!”

Opportunity not Obstacle

☝️Twenty-Twenty…Opportunity not Obstacle!I wonder what around us would change if we changed our mind. I wonder what would change if we decided to stop viewing things that occur, things that around us, challenges, etc…as obstacles and started seeing them as opportunity. If something happens that we didnt expect that throws us a little off ourContinue reading “Opportunity not Obstacle”